I’m studying at the University where I once was one of the only persons using an Mac. Now almost everybody has one and that inspired me to make this website.

Often I hear people wondering about how to take a screenshot on a Mac, and even if they should know they often don’t know more then one of the four basic ways to take a screenshot.

Most people are used to having a regular PC with a ‘Print Screen’ button, and I hope they will bookmark (Command+D) my website.

Besides hosting the guide about screenshots on a Mac I will reguarly post other tips and tricks for Mac. Hopefully that will inspire people and make them more out of their computer – once you get to know it, its a very powerful tool.

If you have a request for specific tools or a specific kind of tool you want to find, don’t hesitate to contact me through the contact tab in the menu. This website is made to be used, and I will try to make it really relevant for all non-pro Mac users out there.

Stay tuned for more posts about tips & tricks and useful applications for Mac.

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