How to clean up and speed up your Mac without risk

Speed up and clean up your Mac in few easy steps! Now it’s officially spring and thus time for spring cleaning. When the house or apartment is finished, you might want to start to clean up your Mac. This guide helps you optimize and increase the speed on you Mac – without taking significant risk. …

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Lock Screen without going to Sleep

The login screen after locking the Mac

It is now time for yet another handy tip for your Mac and tell you how to lock your mac without it goes to sleep. If you work with any type of sensitive material and use your computer in public, you sometimes want to lock your computer so no one else can access your data. …

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Apple Keyboard Symbols – explanation for dummies

I really like that so many people switch from PC to Mac. Hopefully that can help us to get even more great applications and more Mac supported peripherals. Changing to a Mac can be really confusing in the beginning. Some of the old programs you are used to maybe don’t work on Mac and a …

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How to save a Frozen Mac – a guide to Fix a stuck Mac

Spinning beachball of death

Is your Mac frozen? As a dedicated Mac user, it hurts to admit that even a Mac computer once in a while may freeze or get stuck. The phenomenon is otherwise best known from PC universe and the blue screens of death and their frequent breakdowns. When a Mac freezes, it can be recognized by …

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gfxCardStatus – a tool for switching gfx card status

Easy tool for controlling the gfx Card Status

gfxCardStatus is a free utility for Mac that allows the user to see the status and change the settings of the graphics card. This is relevant on newer Macs with both integrated and discrete videocards. Those new MacBooks (currently 15” and 17” MacBook Pros) are able to switch graphics card depending on what’s currently required. …

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Caffeine – keeps your Mac awake


Caffeine is one of my favourite utilities for Mac. It’s a very simple and lightweight piece of software, which purpose is to prevent you Mac from going to sleep and to prevent the brightness of the screen being reduced if you haven’t touched the keyboard in a minute or two. It’s very easy to use …

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